The John M. Wooley Lumber Company, Inc. has had its family roots in the lumber and forestry industries for over one hundred years. Environmental stewardship has always been at the center of our core values. Wooley Lumber knows that this has been, and will continue to be, key to our success as a company.  From our initial consultation and inspection of your property, we work with you to ensure that your forest land is approached in a manner that improves the health, vitality, and diversity of your forest. We work directly with you to prepare a long-term management plan for your forest. When harvesting lumber, we take great care to minimize any damage to your existing land and the surrounding environment.


Wood is a renewable resource and, during the milling process, we take great strides to utilize the highest percentage of product from each harvest. The highest quality material is manufactured into our premiere, hardwood lumber that is utilized in fine furniture, flooring, and construction products. Lower-grade materials end up being manufactured into pallets and shipping containers. The hardwood bark that is stripped from the logs during the milling process is manufactured into high-quality, hardwood bark mulch, and wood chips are even manufactured into an engineered safe, clean, and durable play surface called TenderTurf. The lowest grade of lumber that will not be suitable for any manufacturing is shipped, along with the bark and wood chips, to Forest Commodities, where it is cut and split into quality kiln-dried firewood, which is packaged and sold as firehouse logs. Wooley Lumber even utilizes the excess sawdust to fire the kilns and boilers that are used in our manufacturing process.


As you can see, the John M. Wooley Lumber Company, Inc. takes great pride in the philosophies of stewardship that have been handed down throughout our family-owned business over the past 75 years. We do our best to utilize every bit of what we harvest and to continue to develop even stronger practices as technology allows.



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