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The Wooley Lumber mill, located in Mooresville, Indiana, is amulti-acre facility, which cuts our hardwood logs to specific lengths. Each log is graded for quality, measured, and stored in preparation for milling. The milling process begins by moving the logs to the sawmill debarker. The bark is then filtered and sold to our sister company, Forest Commodities, Inc., where it is processed into quality hardwood bark mulch that is used in the landscape industry.


Each log is run through a metal detector that scans the log to be sure it is free of any foreign objects such as nails, spikes, or fencing. The debarked log travels along a conveyor to the head rig where it is turned from a round log into a square cant. The milling process continues as the cant travels to the linebar resaw where the boards are turned and cut over several passes, extracting the highest value boards on each pass.


The boards with excess wane move along the conveyor to the edger where laser-guided cuts put a square edge on the board and removes the additional wane. The next step is for the board to go to the trim saw where each board receives its initial grade and prepared for seasoning.


The lumber is bundled and moved to the drying process. The bundled lumber is moved to our Indianapolis kiln location where it is properly dried and seasoned. Kiln samples are taken throughout the process, and the lumber is removed when it reaches a moisture content of 6 to8 percent. The lumber is then conditioned and stress relieved. The lumber is sorted and given a final grade before being bundled and prepared for shipment.


Finally, the lumber is loaded onto Wooley Lumber transport trucks and moved to shipping where the finished product is delivered by truck, rail, or sea to nearly any location in the world.



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