Below are a few of the frequently asked questions we receive at Wooley Lumber regarding purchasing timber. If you have additional questions contact us here or email Dave Brown at




Q. What is the minimum number of trees you will purchase?


A. Typically we like to harvest 30-50 trees at a time because the cost of moving machinery can make it cost prohibitive for lower quantities.




Q.  What is the smallest tree size you will purchase?


A. 50" Diameter outside the bark at breast height.





Q. Do you buy yard trees?


A. We do not generally purchase yard trees because they frequently have metal embedded in them.




Q. How much of the tree do you take?


A.  We normally will take the main trunk of the tree up to the major fork. We will leave the limbs for you to use as firewood or other uses.





We at Wooley Lumber strive to treat the woods as if it were our own. Our goal is to leave the forest in better shape than we found it. We protect the woods by using Indiana Logging and Forestry Best Management Practices (BMPS). The BMPS were designed to protect our natural resources by State and National Foresters and Soil Conservationists. Wooley Lumber is an FSC Certified Company.



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