As a forest landowner, you know that it is an ecosystem that is constantly changing. Landowners have many goals for the current and future use of their properties. With sound forest management, Wooley Lumber Company can improve the quality of your forest, in addition to providing long-term income. A well-cared-for forest will provide improved wildlife habitat, in addition to improved recreation opportunities.


Wooley Lumber works with you, the landowner, to develop short-term and long-term management plans that allow your visions to be met. Proper forest management is not a "one and done" harvest, but a planned process that has positive results for the forest and for your income.


We will meet with you to analyze the health of your forest and to identify any dying, diseased, or damaged trees. Any trees that are ready for harvest will be marked. We will look at the effects of your wildlife habitat, as well as your watershed, and take these factors into account when developing a plan. Mature trees and undesirable species may be removed to open the canopy, allowing sunlight to penetrate the forest and bring new life to seedlings that will become the forest of the future.


We believe that your forestland, if properly maintained and harvested with sustainable goals, will be a valuable natural resource both now and for future generations.



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